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13 February
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Hi I'm Alexis, and I'm a writer and a reader of fanfics. So far I've only written for Grey's, but i may write another fandom one day...anyway, thanks for reading, and i'll start posting my fics on here asap :) My ships are...
Meredith and Derek (what the hell happened in that season finale? I refuse to let the reality of it set in, and am resorting to staying in my happy bubble of MerDer goodness)

Lexie and Mark (Okay, again, what the hell happened in that season finale? She WALKED AWAY? Seriously? What is going through Shonda's mind?)

Castle and Beckett (Awwww, okay, with all my whining about the GA season finale, the castle finale almost made up for all the crap that went down in GA. The only problem is...Beckett got shot. SHOT!? But she'll be fine...right?)

Dan and Blair (This is one of my ships that I watch their scenes on youtube, because I am not sure about Gossip Girl as a whole show. It can annoy me sometimes, but sometimes I love it. I know for sure that I love Dan/Blair though!)

Booth and Bones (OMG. That season finale...whoa. I never ever in all my years of watching bones expected those words to come out of Bones' mouth. Whoa.)

Addison and Sam (I hardly ever watch PPP, but whenever I do I am always an Addisam fan :) they are just really fun together and I think that they go together really well)

Jackson and April (GA) (This pairing is one I would love to happen when (notice how I don't say 'if') Jackson and Lexie break up. I've always felt Jackson's character only ever had one storyline (Harper Avery) and he was just a really boring character, and then they give him something to do (date Lexie) and that just completely screwed everything up! So I feel like once he is broken up with Lexie, he will need someones shoulder to cry on or ear to bitch about Lexie and April will be ready and waiting.)

Well thats it for me! I know I have a lot of ships (lol) but I cant seem to let any of them go! So there you have it, Alexis's obsessions...Thanks for reading! x